Day 11 of Summer

30/07/2012  21:17 Home! England

Had my library interview today; I’m now a volunteer at the library… Yay(!). It’s gonna be… awful.

But, despite that, town was awesome! Pie for lunch, then went to the bank and bought a new lipgloss.

I decided that my make-up should reflect my life. My new lipgloss? Raspberry ripple, ’cause life is sweet.

What’s your favourite beauty item?


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Day 10 of Summer

29/07/2012 21:15 Home ground

Losing track already.

I can’t think of anything to write. Writer’s block. Awful.

I’m living for my music, violin everyday.



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Day 9 of Summer

28/07/2012 21:07 Home ground, England

So, you know when you have those days when you aren’t entirely here, and would be much happier curled up in bed rather than staring blankly at a computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike? That’s the kind of day I had today. The only thing circulating in my narrow mind was the annoying jingle from the Barclays’ advert. It was a dire situation.

I surfaced unusually early, before cracking down to work. The highlight of my day was admiring Now 82 in Sainsbury’s, in the knowledge that I still hadn’t saved enough money to buy it.

But, apart from my uneventful shopping trip, I guess all that I wanted to do was write. But, today, it was like trying to draw blood from a stone.

I guess what I’m attempting to tell you all is that… sometimes we need a break. Yes, I’ve had a week’s worth of holiday in Wales to relax, but I haven’t wound down yet. Not really.

Have you ever been in my situation? Then trying taking a break; stepping back from the task ahead and focus on something else, like, for me, my volunteering. It’s really important to me, so that’s what I like to work on.

What do you like to do to relax?


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Day 8 of Summer

27/072012 17:17 Home sweet home, England.

So. 2:20am this morning. Woken up by a woman pushing a buggy outside my window, between the chalet and the car. Then, an ambulance came. Kids screaming and messing about. Not good.

We came home today, a day early, thankful. I couldn’t survive another day there. Got packed, then went to the beach for a cherry and bubblegum ice-cream. My last in Clarach. Then, loaded the car and left for home. Got back, un-packed all of my stuff, and came to chill. I’m sooooo tired, but still want to watch the Opening Ceremony and prepare for my interview on Monday.

Peace out, guys!


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Day 7 of Summer

26/07/2012 20:54 Clarach, Mid-Wales

Misty day this morning, chilled out mostly. This evening, went to Abery swyth, got a bubblegum ice-cream. My tongue went blue! 😀 Also went in the arcade, and played on the dance mats and two rounds of air hockey.

I can’t believe it’s a week since summer began, and went out shopping in town. ❤ Only five weeks for fun left, then back to work. But I’m not thinking about that.

Have a great summer!


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Day 6 of Summer

25/07/2012 21:38 Clarach, Mid-Wales

Went to Devil’s Bridge today, and saw the waterfall. It was really pretty, and it was sunny, too! No body-boarding, in the end. The sea is just toooo cold! But I still enjoy wandering along the beach in the evening, when the tide is out and I can get the cold sea and the damp sand and rock pools. Still nursing my sunburn, but it should be fixed soon.

No plans for tomorrow, just relaxing by the beach and attempting to get a Wi-Fi connection.

Do you have any good plans?


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Day 5 of Summer

24/07/2012 19:15 Clarach, Mid-Wales

Great day at the beach, they play some awesome tunes down there. Just realised that Now 82 has come out! Anyway, I’ve also been looking to get a body board, for a load of body boarding during the week, which should be cool. There are some great waves to catch, even if the water is cold! Devil’s Bridge tomorrow, and then down to the beach again. Sea water = ❤


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Day 4 of Summer

23/07/2012 20:27 Clarach, Mid-Wales

I slept well! Thank God. In Aberyswyth, which is really pretty. ^-^ After we came home, though, I walked back out there. It’s only a twenty minute walk from the chalet, so I plan on going shopping during the week. Also went the beach, which, when the tide is out, is really pretty. :3

In Aberyswyth, we went on the hill train. It was steep, and so much fun! Had fish and chips on top of the hill, and, on the way back, went to a really cute sweet shop, before picking up some Simple spot-fighter wipes. My mascara ran this morning; I do NOT want another episode of attempting to wash waterproof mascara away. Panda eyes suck.

What was your make-up disaster?


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Day 3 of Summer

 22/07/2012 20:20 Clarach Bay, Mid-Wales.

There is nothing here. And I mean nothing. After a restless night (I was awake from three through five am), I went out to the beach! It was warm but windy, so I got my shorts on and went to explore the bay. I walked across shingles, pebbles, seaweed and sand, all barefoot. I paddled briefly in the sea, before settling down on my towel for a read. I had a banana shake; I really wanted a strawberry shake though, and banana wasnt exactly that nice. I went to the Sunday market, which was just closing, then, on the way, back, went for a padle in the river. The river, I later learned, that people’s piss and shit drains into. Not entertained. But, hey. It was a paddle in a fast-flowing river! Had an ice-cream tonight (clotted fudge flavour = yum!) It was as nice as the cherry cone I had this morning. Tonight, I plan on watching Dancing On Ice, and generally relaxing, before trying to find an Internet connection. Aberyswyth tomorrow… the ONLY good thing around here. So much for a summer romance; this place is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and windfarms. I want to walk into the wood, as well as to the other end of the bay, opposite the one that I visited today.

So, despite the lack of entertainment and eye-candy, summer is going well.

How’s your summer going?



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Day 2 of Summer

21/07/2012 20:20 Clarach Bay, Mid-Wales.

So, after a tedious, butt-aching four hour journey, we finally got here. To the shed. There ain’t room to swing a cat, I’m telling you! The top bunk that I’m sleeping in creaks, so I’m slightly worried. But, we have our food, and our five minutes away from the beach. There’s an indoor pool, and the next chalet/caravan park has a bowling alley, so all should be good. I guess I’ll have to find a way to entertain myself on the beach and in the hills for the next five days, but I’m good. Weather’s supposed to be nice, so I’m cool.

What are you doing for the rest of your summer?


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